"Mandala" in Sanskrit means "world in harmony"

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Balance and Harmony Mandala

For Balance and Harmony in our earthly experience, our Chakras must be balanced. Chakras are the energy centers in our Subtle Body that vitalize our physical body.

There are 7 primary Chakras that influence who we are as individuals, influence the routine thought patterns we identify with, as well as how we perceive our physical or objective world.. Each primary Chakra resonates with one of the 7 primary color vibrations in our physical plane. If our Chakras are out of balance, our experience of this physical life will be out of balance and therefore, not harmonious.

Meditation is one way to balance our Chakras. Meditating on a Mandala is a useful tool in this balancing process. Balance and Harmony are a gift for us on this physical plane. If this
you any sense of Balance and Harmony, I AM grateful.


Digital art and Harmony 3000


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Violet Ray Healing and the number 7

Number & Violet Rays MHADescription / Artist Notes (please write in complete sentences):

By adding each digit of a days date  together…for example we will use thw date 03/03/2015…and combining the number into a single digit: 3+5+2+0+1+5=16, 1 + 6 =7, we can discover the colour ray vibration most conducive for overall healing that day.

Very simply,  the Pythagorean Theory states every letter of the alphabet, as well as each individual digit resonates with a particular color vibration/wavelength, just as each musical note resonates with an individual color vibration. The color vibration that resonates with the number 7 is Violet according to this theory.

Since this days  date numerologically equals the number 7 using the formula above, the most advantageous color ray or vibration for overall color healing and balancing is Violet.

For more information, feel free to contact me here.


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The 5 Precepts in Usui Reiki, Precept 1

1 st precept

The five precepts that Usui taught in Reiki emanate naturally from a person in his or her proper flow. At the same time, trying to live the precepts also helps put a person in that flow, because, what you think is truly what you are.

Precept 1


“To worry is to forget that there is a Divine or uUniversal purpose in everything. If we are truly in tune with the guidance of our Higher-Selves, and live each day to the best of our ability, we are then aware that we have done everything in our power that we possibly can, and the rest is up to the Universal Life Force Energy. Worry is a thought pattern that results from a feeling of separateness from the Universal Wholeness.

To worry about the past is futile. We need to remember that each person, including ourselves, does the best that we can in each of life’s situations, in accordance with the knowledge or wisdom we have at any given moment. We are all products of our conditioning and tend to react accordingly. If you regret a past action of yours, realize that you reacted according to your resources; then be thankful for the lesson and move on.

At the same time, realize that all injustices done to you in the past were done by others as a result of their conditioning. We can only wish them well and hope that they too have learned from their actions.

To worry about the future is also futile. There is a saying, expect the best in life, and when you receive something that you didn’t expect, know and trust that it is the best for you in your present situation. Even if what occurs seems very negative at the time, it is only a lesson. Somehow, you helped create that situation, even if on a subconscious level to learn. So feel gratitude that it has come to pass, and that you are free; then move on.

Surrender to your Higher Self, and don’t interfere with the Universal timing in life. Know that in our perfect flow there is a synchronicity of events. As long as you have completed your part in the scheme of things, all else will be taken care of. Worrying results from illogical and irrational patterns of thought, creating in turn more limitations and a further separation in consciousness. Surrender today to your Higher-Self’s plan and release yourself from worry. Just for today do not worry.”

This definition lovingly borrowed from :
Artwork by Mandala Healing Art

To request Reiki Distance Healing, please message me here or email:


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Mandala Healing in Flowers

Pansy Mandala MHA

Mandala Healing Energy in Flowers

An excellent and readily available source of cosmic healing energy is plant life. Being attached to the earth, plants draw cosmic energy directly from it. We are then able to draw cosmic energy directly from plant life. That is why we often feel renewed and upbeat after spending time in a garden or near any type of plant life.

Mandalas also reflect the healing energy of the images they are created from. This mandala was created from the digital image of a Pansy. The Spiritual Significance that a Pansy embodies includes thoughtful recollection, modesty, pleasant thoughts, and reflections.

The healing energy of the Yellow Vibrations this Pansy Mandala reflects include Sun-light, Willpower and self will that grows from wisdom and experience.

The healing energy of the Violet Vibrations this Mandala reflects include openness to knowing and living in Truth, and total trust in the intuition and the guidance it provides.

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Mandala Magenta Healing

Photo Feb 19, 6 10 49 PM

Comprised of 2 parts Red and 1 part Blue, this tertiary colour lies “hidden” between Red and Violet. Therefore MAGENTA is both the end and the beginning of the Light Spectrum – representing the Alpha and the Omega – the fullest expression of Divine Love. As such, MAGENTA contains or holds all the other colors including the White Light.

Magenta is the Colour vibration we experience right before physical birth and first when we pass from our physical bodies to the next realm of existence. Magenta is comfort, strength, Tanscendence. It is not a vibration of this physical realm. True Magenta vibrations are not perceptible in the electromagnetic spectrum.


Guitars and Two Moons

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Guitars and Two Moons

Dream Weavings

These images are created from my Dreams, or rather, created from my experiences on the Subtle Plane…

Since the Full Moon on Friday, June 13th, every dream I have had has had at least one moon, and last night 2 moons. Last night and this morning, guitars appeared and I am not a musician. The guitars appeared in a type of “cosmic Cafe”.. I write down my dreams often upon awakening thru the night, but in the morning as the dream fades, I cant often decipher what I wrote while half “asleep” the night before….

Digital art from the Subtle Plane

What did you dream last night ?

Dream Weavings

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Dream Weavings

Dream Weavings: Bringing your experience in the Subtle Plane into physical manifestation

My dream: I was out walking a new route.. it was late in the day. The trees were green and it was quite warm. All of the sudden as I looked up to cross the road, there appeared 2 gas station pumps and 4 shadowy human/bird figures. The human/bird figures were walking towards the gas pumps. One of the figures seemed to be turning toward me. I tried to shift my attention away from it so it might not notice me. For a brief moment I felt fear… then something came up behind me a guided me onward in another direction… and the bird figures just continued walking and I moved into another dream.

Our Dreams unite us with the Subtle Realm. We live in the Subtle Realm continuously, even in our waking state.

Not only do we make our dreams come true, we can now make our dreams into a lasting Art Form thru digital processing on the physical plane.

I can create digital images of your specific dreams. For the contribution of $50.00, payable thru paypal, you can email or message me a particular dream. I will “sleep” on your message, and then create and a digital image that I will email back to you. Then, you may do with it as you please,..print it, put it on a tee shirt, or I can supply you with a link to have your image converted to photographic prints, greeting cards, metal prints, canvas prints, etc.

These images are copyright protected. Please feel free to message me for any additional information.

Peace be to you and pleasant Dream Weavings.